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In 1894, the Granite Cellar opened its doors as a Restaurant-Coffee House.  It's menu included "Oysters in Every Style", Danish pastries, and their signature strong Nordic coffee.  Back then, alcohol was strictly prohibited.  Today, the Granite Cellar has been re-imagined into a classic pub that is uniquely Waupaca, where the Danish-American atmosphere of "Hygge" (Google that one!) brings friends and family together for memorable times. Oh, that ban on alcohol was revoked over 100 years ago!

The renovated Granite Cellar opened to the public on July 7, 2021, serving delightful drinks.  On August 16, 2022, food service was added.  



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We are located at 301 N. Main St in Waupaca on the corner of Main and Granite Streets.  You can park in one of 135 spaces within one block of our building.  Handicap accessible parking is available via Washington Ct.

CALL US at 715.942.2457

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